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Search Engine Marketing Campaign Strategy and SEM Advertising Metrics

Search Engine Marketing Campaign Strategy and SEM Advertising Metrics

What You Will Learn in This Course

  • What is search engine marketing or SEM.
  • How to run search engine marketing campaign ads.
  • Top search SEM strategy to drive more search traffic.
  • Leveraging SEM tools to uncover insights on SEM keyword bids.
  • Learn about critical SEM pay per click advertising metrics to fast-track search engine marketing campaigns.
  • How to control SEM campaign advertising costs.

What StatusFocus Digital Marketing Academy Can Help You Achieve

Welcome to StatusFocus, the most comprehensive digital marketing learning platform that guides businesses and content creators to successfully drive lead generation and build brand awareness for your website through strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and Social Media Marketing. Our practical, step-by-step methods will help you master digital marketing strategies that align with your business model and budget.

StatusFocus Digital Marketing Academy offers a curriculum with easy-to-follow courses specifically designed to be beginner-friendly. Work at your own pace to learn the fundamentals of how to market products or services online and create demand for your website, even with limited resources.

Is the StatusFocus Digital Marketing Academy Right for You?

  • Are you a small business looking to create online demand for your products or service?
  • Do you want to drive sustainable organic visitors to your e-commerce store, business website, or content blog?
  • Are you starting an online business and are looking to build brand awareness?
  • Do you need to create more quality leads and attract potential customers through search engines like Google?

If any of the above applies, you are at the right place. Continue the learning journey with StatusFocus Digital Marketing Academy.

No Experience Needed to Start StatusFocus Digital Marketing Academy

  • StatusFocus Digital Marketing Academy is completely beginner-friendly for businesses and content creators, so no digital marketing experience is required to start learning
  • Following the classes in their numerical order is recommended for the best learning experience

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Course Lessons

Introduction Guide to Search Engine Marketing Campaign Strategy and SEM Pay Per Click Advertising
7 Minutes

What is SEM marketing? Complete beginner’s guide on how search engine marketing works, top SEM strategy, and how to run pay per click advertising campaign.

Understanding Search Engine Marketing Campaign Metrics to Fast Track SEM Campaign Results and Accelerate Website Traffic Growth
5 Minutes

Complete fundamental guide to search engine marketing campaign metrics and how to leverage SEM marketing strategy to improve SEM keyword ranking results.

SEM stands for search engine marketing. SEM is an effective digital marketing strategy of keyword bidding for paid advertising spaces on search result pages. Relevant keywords and prime advertising real estate can quickly drive traffic to a website. Search engine marketing provides businesses with opportunities to gain exposure to be in front of ideal customers and capture more addressable markets.
SEM, or search engine marketing, works by displaying paid ads on search result pages that target a curated group of audience. Depending on the industry, the cost or pay-per-click of keyword bidding can vary for the ad. Create SEM marketing ads that have a benefit and clear call-to-action to increase engagement and drive visitors back to the website.
SEM, or search engine marketing, is one of the fastest ways to get businesses found online within an allotted marketing budget. For example, if a startup wants to create awareness around a new product, SEM can increase search traffic quickly. Search engine marketing fast-tracks a new business's online exposure by strategically displaying ads to the relevant target audience.
Enrolled: 1 student
Duration: 12 Minutes
Lectures: 2
Level: Beginner