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External SEO Link Building Strategies to Create Quality SEO Backlinks and Improve Website Authority

The 2023 Complete Beginner's Guide for Businesses and Content Creators

External SEO Link Building Strategies to Create Quality SEO Backlinks and Improve Website Authority

Table of Contents

We discussed internal link building that strategically passes link juice internally from one landing page to another on the same website. Now let’s get into backlink building strategies that increase your website authority and improve SEO search ranking.

Top 5 SEO Backlink Building Strategies to Create Authoritative Backlinks

Top 5 SEO Strategies to Create Authoritative Backlinks

#1. SEO Backlink Building Through Professional Communities

Earn backlinks by proactively participating in online community conversations. These online communities should be reputable websites, forums, or social media groups considered influential in your niche.

How to Build SEO Backlinks by Participating in Professional Online Communities

In these communities, consumers or other business professionals hold discussions or ask questions about topics you have expertise in. Mention your website in the signature for a backlink referral. It is a great way to put your business name out there by helping others.

Be Selective of Online Communities When Submitting SEO Backlinks

Watch out for spam websites. Avoid spaces where there is an excessive number of random advertisements, irrelevant comments, or low-quality content. Instead, research reputable online communities that will strengthen your SEO link building strategies. 

Here are examples of quality online communities to further your SEO backlink building efforts. 

3 Examples of Quality Online Communities

  • Open Forums for industry events.
  • Discussion boards hosted by business professionals or influencers in the industry.
  • LinkedIn groups where industry professionals contribute quality information.

#2. Outreach Through Social Media for SEO Backlink Building

Social media networks are effective platforms for link building outreach. It is the perfect channel to gain engagements and direct more visitors to your website through content sharing. Link building efforts can significantly accelerate when paired with social media strategies by creating more exposure opportunities for your website.

Top 2 Strategies to Improve SEO Link Building with Social Media

Strategy 1: Build a Social Media Community Around Your Website

Regularly create social media posts that share content from your online business. Link the social media posts to the new and existing content to drive more traffic back to your website.

Strategy 2: Participate in Social Media Community Groups

Participate in social media groups to join the conversation with industry thought leaders. Support the community around your business vertical with helpful and insightful information to build trust and earn organic backlinks naturally.

#3. Network with Influencers for SEO Link Building Opportunities

The ideal backlinks are built through connections with reputable publishers and websites. These websites tend to have significant weight in the industry and are considered influencers. 

Example of an Industry Influencer

For example, or are regarded as influential publishers in the business and finance community. 

How to Gain SEO Backlinks from Industry Influencers

Having quality content is an excellent start to earning influencer backlinks. When your website establishes authority and gains search visibility, industry influencers will be more receptive to your networking outreach. Here are practical networking strategies to improve your link building game plan.

Top 4 Strategies to Network with Industry Influencers for SEO Link Building

  • Strategy 1: Research and connect with influencers through social media like LinkedIn or Twitter. Look for their contact information on the website.
  • Strategy 2: Participate in online and offline communities where you have opportunities to help address or resolve common pain points.
  • Strategy 3: Reach out to community group leaders and members about your website on how your content can positively impact and contribute value to their audience.
  • Strategy 4: Interact frequently with other industry experts. Provide insightful and relevant information while proactively sharing news, events, or constructive feedback with the community.

#4. Content Contribution Via Guest Blogging for SEO Backlink Building

Guest blogging is a great approach to earning backlinks. Your website can gain exposure by sharing expert opinions on other industry authority’s platforms or blogs.

Identify Publishers or Content Creators Relevant to Your Industry

Identify established publishers and content creators in your business vertical who accept guest blogging requests. Reach out to these publishers about the content you can contribute to benefit their core audience.

Outreach to Publishers and Content Creators with a Content Pitch

The outreach process to publishers and content creators is similar to cold calling a prospect and pitching your content ideas that create value to their audience. Ensure your content contribution is genuinely helpful, and avoid writing advertising pitches. The key is to provide a fresh perspective to a new audience group and help solve a problem or answer a question.

#5. Score Press and Media Coverage for SEO Link Building

Getting media coverage may sound like a bold move beyond reach, especially with small businesses or startup content creators. They happen more common than you think. Unlike paid advertising, press and media coverage require more effort. 

Try the following proactive door-knocking methods to get your website noticed.

Top 3 Strategies to Earn Media Coverage for Long Term SEO Link Building

Top 3 Strategies to Get Media Coverage for SEO Link Building

Strategy 1: Select Reputable Media Partners

Become familiar with reputable online media or publishers you want to receive coverage from. Do the due diligence by following their stories and researching their typical content coverage. Make sure the publishers have expertise and authority covering news in your industry. 

Reach out to these publishers when you have an expert insight to offer involving industry trending topics. Ask to pitch in for a story with a linked credit to your website.

Strategy 2: Build the Right Content Pitch

Content pitch is a great way to build credibility and earn a backlink simultaneously. Pitch for a cause, for expertise on a topic, or contribute a new perspective to a common dilemma. Talk to the press about your expertise and pitch your professional opinion on a popular matter. Offer resolutions that can benefit the platform’s core audience. 

Strategy 3: Provide Expert Insights

Join the discussion on influential online events hosted by industry leaders and publishers is another way to connect with new audience and receive exposure for potential media coverage. Give expert comments on trending topics to build your industry presence. When your brand gains authority, asking for media coverage becomes much less challenging.

External SEO Link Building for Long Term Digital Marketing Success

To sum it up, SEO backlink building aims to improve website authority and organically create external links through marketing connections. Focus on the quality of content, visitor engagement, and building genuine networks. You are on the right track to long-term SEO link building success.

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