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Internal SEO Link Building Strategies to Improve Search Visibility and Accelerate SEO Keyword Ranking Results

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Internal SEO Link Building Strategies to Improve Search Visibility and Accelerate SEO Keyword Ranking Results

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Internal link building is essential to establishing website architecture and improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keyword ranking. When Google sends bots to crawl and index a website, there should be a clear path that directs the bot to identify every page of this website.

A proper link path should start with a website’s main navigation links and trickle down to every existing webpage. Imagine a funnel that starts from the top (your main navigation) and extends coverage to the rest of the website. 

Let’s discuss the best internal link building strategies to improve SEO and increase webpage search visibility.

Top 5 Internal SEO Link Building Strategies to Increase Search Visibility and Keyword Ranking

Top 5 SEO Link Building Strategies to Increase Search Visibility and Keyword Ranking

#1. Improve Internal SEO Link Building with Content Strategies

Content optimization is the foundation of successful digital marketing strategies. Likewise, effective link building is achieved on the basis of having authentic and high-quality content. Informative and well-organized content shows search engines that your website is an expert in the industry. 

Here are the top content strategies to boost internal SEO link building efforts. 

Top 3 Content Strategies to Support Internal SEO Link Building:

Top 3 Content Strategies to Support SEO Link Building

Strategy 1: Research content topics that are proven to be well-received by your core audience. 

Strategy 2: Align marketing goals with content planning. It’s a good idea to keep a content calendar with a plan and topics you want to cover short-term and long-term.

Strategy 3: Incorporate a variety of content forms. In addition to blocks of text and pictures, try mixing up different content like the examples below:

  • Video
  • Infographics
  • eBooks and other downloadable assets
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Charts and graphs
  • Memes
  • Interactive elements

Learn more about the top content marketing strategies to improve SEO.

#2. Improve Content Crawling and Indexing with Internal SEO Link Building

After publishing great content on your website, be sure to have your content appropriately indexed by Google. While Google automatically crawls the internet for new content, you can also perform a manual push to have your content indexed faster through Google Search Console.

How to Index Your Website Content Manually with Google Search Console

  • Set up a free Google Search Console account if you have not done so. 
  • Make sure to submit your new URLs within an XML sitemap.

How to Optimize Meta Description for Content Indexing

Include relevant keywords in Meta descriptions to index content and improve its search visibility. Meta descriptions are text within a Metatag (HTML codes contained in a webpage). A good Meta description accurately describes the content of a webpage in a short statement. It is also recommended for Meta descriptions to be within a 155 characters limit.

Example of a Meta Description:

<title>Give the Webpage a Good Title </title>
<meta name=”description” content=”Write a description about your webpage here and preferably make this 155 characters or less”>


Learn more about how to optimize Meta descriptions and create Meta tags in our technical SEO lesson.

#3. Establish a User-Friendly Visitor Journey by Building Internal Links

Including internal links in website content and navigation helps to build a better visitor journey that guides prospects and customers to additional related content within your website. Internal linking improves the user experience and increases page views per user session.

How Internal Link Building Improves Visitor Journey

When visitors land on the home page, they will likely click on the navigation links or other call-to-action that guides them to the main content. Strategically placed internal links with keywords can potentially increase page views from each visitor and pass link authority from one landing page to the next.

Example of Internal Link Building with Keywords

For example, let’s say your website sells candy, and you want to expand the list of targeted keywords you rank for to increase the visibility of different product pages. 

Consider keywords outside the “candy” category and open up new long-tail keyword markets such as the three examples below. Include these keywords in your website navigation or other anchor text links to enhance the visitor journey.

Examples of How to Expand a Product Category with Anchor Linked Keywords

Here are a few examples of anchor linked keywords Related to a Product Category Like “Candy.”

  • Belgium dark chocolate
  • Soft gluten-free fruity candy
  • Gourmet vegan marshmallow

#4. Optimize for Conversion with SEO Keyword Research and Internal Anchor Text Links

Keyword Optimize Content to Improve SEO Internal Link Building

Link building is easier to accomplish when you have content authority. One way to improve content authority is to optimize content with relevant internal links. 

Leverage advanced SEO tools to uncover lucrative head term and long-tail keywordswith more definitive user intent behind the search terms. These anchor text linked keywords can scale your overall SEO link building efforts over time.


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Internal Anchor Text Links with Keywords

Internal anchor text links with keywords are head terms or long-tail keywords pointing to additional webpages on the same website. Strategic distribution of anchor text with keywords improves the internal content structure.

The goal is to organically incorporate keywords that your prospects and customers use to look up your business online. However, avoid overstuffing content with anchor text or keyword links. It can backfire and hurt the overall SEO ranking.

#5. Optimize Landing Pages to Enhance Internal Link Building Value

Google attributes link value by assessing the quality of content published on your website. Optimizing landing pages with value-added, engaging, and credible content enhances internal link authority. When the content provokes interest, successful link building will naturally follow.

Essential Landing Page Optimization Checklist to Improve SEO Internal Link Building

  • Create original, engaging, and informative content.
  • Optimize content with head-term and long-tail keyword anchor text on the landing page.
  • Add relevant supporting call-to-actions to content, such as special offers, appropriate visuals, and interactive elements.
  • Regularly check, update, and replace broken internal links

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