Your wonderful and beautiful blog is finally getting the attention it deserves on the internet. People are applauding and thanking you for sharing useful information that really helps them. You are feeling pretty good! Then you thought, is there a way to double or triple your current blog traffic and make it steadily grow?

Yes, and one of the best ways to do it is through social media. The key is to maximize the potential and exposure of every single piece of content you create on the blog. Humm… sounds like a decent theory, but what exactly is the plan? The short answer is: share content on your blog in an effective way at the right time.

It takes time to build up a successful blog, even if you are the most seasoned blogger. No worries if you are just getting started, take a look at our complete blogging series:

How to Share Content on Social Media in an Effective Way

Sharing content in an effective way means you are targeting the right audience with the right information. By placing targeted content in front of a receptive audience who’s interested in the topic, you are improving the opportunities of converting this audience into followers in social media and bringing the traffic back to your website.

3 Strategies to Target the Right Audience with Social Media

1. Answer the Right Questions

Think about what type of audience you are targeting the content with. Let’s say you are a photographer brand building your service with a blog. In this case, you want to attract visitors that can potentially be your clients.

So then, think about the content you have. Do they address common questions a client would ask? Are they written with non-jargon terms that non-professionals can understand? Do you know what your potential clients need help on?

Tools like Google Trend or BuzzSumo can help you look up what type of content is trending and in high demand. Structure your content around the trending topics and answer questions for the audience group you want to target.

2. Install Social Sharing Buttons on Your blog

When you look at the number of social media followers versus the number of unique visitors to your blog, you may notice a shortfall to converting readers into followers.

The truth is, not everyone coming to your blog will be a fan. However, you can increase the chances of having readers follow your blog by installing easy sharing buttons on webpages. Visitors that land on your blog are the perfect warm leads to convert into followers.

Tools like SumoMe lets you choose and insert one-click sharing buttons for free. It allows users to instantly post your content on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. So take advantage of it.

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3. Review Social Media Analytics

Analytics is a powerful resource you need to understand where your audiences are coming from. Almost every social platform provides insight for professionals and businesses to understand and decipher their traffic sources.

For example, Facebook Insights is a powerful analytics that breaks down data, such as visitor demographic and post reach for your social profiles. By understanding where your audiences are coming from and how they interact with your content, you will have a better idea on how to market your blog.

For more help, see our guideline on social media marketing to get started.

3 Strategies to Share Content on Social Media at the Right Time

Cross Reference Website Analytics

In addition to social media analytics, don’t forget about the valuable data from your website. For example, look into visitor trends from your Google Analytics Report and identify the peak hours of visitor activities.

Combine this data with social media analytics like Facebook insights to pinpoint the best days and hours to post on different social networks. This will help you target posts to a group of audience at the right time and get your content noticed.

Use Social Media Management Tools

Powerful social media management tools like Hootsuite and SproutSocial makes social sharing across multiple networks easier and more efficient. You can manage every social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram within one platform.

You can flag and respond to comments and messages from one inbox. You can easily identify industry influencers and have the option to export and share the list. You can also access advanced analytics reports that offer visitor insights, and download the report to supplement website analytics. In addition, SproutSocial even allows you to go one step further by integrating Google Analytics with social media data for more comprehensive, in-depth analysis of visitor demographics and activities.

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Repost Content Strategically

Reposting content is a great strategy to maximize user engagement and drive traffic from every piece of content created. This does not mean you make the same post every hour on Facebook. Strategic reposting means delivering the content to the audience more than once in a follow-up reminder kind of manner.

Use social media tools to schedule posts weeks ahead. For example, make a repost calendar and automate certain content to repost 1 week and 4 weeks after it has been initially published. You can repost the same content, but change it up by highlighting a different aspect of the content and use a different image. The idea is to give visitors a fresh, new perspective.

To learn more about driving traffic to your blog, see our complete guide on social media marketing strategies.

Optimize Your Blog with SEO

Social media works like an amplifier, when you have great content, it will multiply your online marketing effort and put your blog in the spotlights. So start by optimizing content with SEO, search engine marketing strategies, traffic and growth will follow in time.