Search engine marketing can get very expensive as clicks start to rally up and CPC (cost-per-clicks) fluctuates over time. For example, on a rainy day, your average cost per click can be 10% or more above your average spending. It can burn through your budget fairly quick without delivering exceptional results.

So how do you fix it? Having the right search engine marketing tools can help you combat the unpredictable market fluctuations. Imagine having powerful SEM analytics at your disposal to precisely predict when to be aggressive or conservative.

Take full control of your ROI (return on investment) by increase bids on keywords when visitors are actively browsing, and pause campaigns to control cost-per-acquisitions at low traffic hours. In addition, SEM tools help you to discover new keywords. It uncovers more market shares within your industry so you can consistently improve marketing campaigns for better results.

With SEM tools to track and optimize marketing campaigns for the best return on ad money spent, you can finally sleep a little better at night.

8 Best SEM Tools for Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Opportunities

2. Bing Ads Keyword Research and Opportunities

Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Opportunities

Very similar to Google AdWords, the Bing Ads Keyword Research tool provides the same benefits to understanding search markets for Bing and Yahoo. It shows search volume by keyword, and displays the average cost per click. Its keyword reports show keyword suggestions based on historical data during a six-month range. The tool also makes keyword suggestions according to different languages as well as geolocations. Use it in conjunction with Google AdWords to help you with preliminary keyword research for both SEO and SEM.

You can get Bing Ads Keyword Research and Opportunities for free as long as you have a Bing Ads account. Sign up for Bing Ads for free today, and get $50 ad credit towards your Bing ad campaigns.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Introducing the best free tool to track your AdWords or Bing pay-per-click campaign performances. Google Analytics can be integrated with Google AdWords to measure overall landing page quality as well as conversion rate. It tracks where visitors are coming from, their time on site, and calculates the bounce rate. Valuable insights allow you to manage and allocate ad spending appropriately. Through its platform, you are able to monitor conversion and growth of each ad. Therefore, ad campaigns are executed more effectively while campaign costs can be lowered over time.

4. Google AdWords Editor

Google AdWords Editor

AdWords editor is also a free tool within Google AdWords. This tool allows you to bulk upload and manage hundreds of thousands of ads and keywords to your Google AdWords campaign. When you need to make revisions to more than one ad campaigns, this tool can help you to save a lot of time. You are able to group keywords together by assigning ad groups to each PPC campaign. For example, instead of doing the grunt work to adjust keywords and cost-per-click price one at a time, you can upload all your PPC changes at once in a much more efficient way.

5. SEMRush


SEMRush has been our keyword research “secret weapon” and is definitely one of our favorite tools. It is a powerful research platform to help identify an estimated volume of keywords a website advertises for. This tool allows you to keep tabs on what your competitors are up to. You can quickly discover competitors’ ad content as well as their ad copy position distribution in search. In addition, you can learn about your competitors’ advertising history and see if there are any keywords you are losing out on. It is definitely an all-around SEM tool at a reasonable price.