If you have a website, don’t you want more people to visit it? Of course you do. In fact, you are doing everything to get the word out.

When your potential customers search for your products or services within Google, what are the chances that they will see your website first amongst the rest of the million websites ranking for that search? How can you drive more traffic to your website instead of losing it to your competitors? The answer is a simple 3 letter word called SEO.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is the process of gaining “organic” or natural rankings for your website in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When SEO is done correctly, it ranks your webpages higher in search results. Best of all, it brings free traffic.

Benefit #2: Bring on the Competitive Edge

Imagine your website being on page one of Google for a targeted keyword. It is time to watch all the organic traffic pouring into your website, and this is the feeling of SEO success.

SEO can help you reach the number one spot on natural listings and rise above the competition. The higher your SEO rankings the more likely visitors will choose your business over your competitors.

Benefit #3: Reduce Overall Advertising Expenditures

It can get very expensive to advertise online. Sure, you can pay for the prime spots and rank high with SEM marketing. However, when you add SEO into the equation, you can significantly save money on marketing while achieving the same or even better ad campaign results.

When you have keywords that rank high in organic listings, you no longer need to spend big money advertising for them. Instead, focus on capturing more market shares by winning additional key phrases.

Try a quick keyword research below to discover which organic keywords you are winning within search.

Benefit #4: Build Brand Authority

SEO is an effective brand building game-changer. As part of a long-term online marketing strategy, SEO helps visitors to recognize your brand as your business consistently ranks high in search results.

As you gain more authority, customers will better associate your brand with the product and services you carry. It helps to reinforce visitors of your brand image and create a positive impression for recall.

Benefit #5: Improve Social Media Marketing

Optimized content is a vital ingredient in successful SEO and social media marketing. From perfecting keyword research to producing content that solves a problem, great content is the number one factor that influences any online marketing effort.

When you bring traffic to your website through social media, optimized webpages have higher chances of making the conversion happen. The SEO and social media collaboration make a solid strategy to cost-effective customer acquisition.

Additional Search Engine Optimization Learning Materials

There are so many aspects involved in a good SEO practice. Learn more about the fundamental key SEO components to driving long-term SEO success.