One of Google’s algorithms to determine website ranking is to look at a website’s earned, authoritative backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinked keywords from other websites pointing back to yours.

Securing authoritative backlink means your content has significant value that can set, reflect, or influence industry trend.

Search Engines and Link Building

Let’s talk about how Google makes selection of what they consider as quality links.

First of all, the selection process begins with webpage indexing. Google sends out spider bots to constantly crawl the web. New webpages are regularly being discovered and ranked based on their relevancy to searched keywords.

Next, Google determines the worthiness of your webpage with two important factors:

  • Quality content
  • Quality backlinks

They should be your website’s core focus in terms of how to create natural links. You will need a game plan to carry out a successful link building campaign. We will cover this in a little bit.