What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the online marketing process of ranking your website or webpages to match a related search query within a search engine’s result page.

How Does SEO Help My Business?

The short answer, SEO drives free visitor traffic to your website.

Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing) advertisement campaigns, SEO takes time, effort, and investment to show results. SEO done right can help your website build desirable, long-term traffic over time.

Modern Day SEO

Today, SEO has evolved to focus more on algorithms such as Google RankBrain, Panda, and Penguin. We need more than just the right SEO practices, but the BEST SEO tools to help us improve keyword rankings and keep up with all the industry changes.

The Best SEO Tools Helps You Win

As keyword rankings fluctuate, tracking daily SEO performance of your website is a must. When a keyword loses its ranking position, you can quickly lose traffic. Effective SEO tools can help you consistently win top ranking positions. In addition, they can:

  1. Identify keyword opportunities for your specific products and services
  2. Expand research horizons with new keywords
  3. Provide insights and audits to help your website improve SEO keyword rankings
  4. Monitor and analyze your webpages for inbound and outbound backlinks
  5. Discover new backlink opportunities that your competitors are ranking for
  6. Track changes in keyword rankings with the potential gain or loss of visitors
  7. Improve visibility of keyword rankings
  8. Optimize the performance of a webpage by tracking webpage loading speed

SEO Tool #1: Google Search Console

Google Search Console Best SEO Tools to Grow your Business Online

Google Search Console is a free SEO tool. Users should have an intermediate level of understanding in SEO before utilizing Google Search Console. To get started, create a Google account and claim your website within the platform. Learn how to set up Google Search Console.

The tool monitors the XML sitemap results of your website after a successful submission within Google Search Console. It discloses the number of pages that have been submitted indexed by Google.

Google also tracks keyword rankings for your website through the search console. It analyzes data and insights of 1,000 keyword rankings. This data include the number of clicks, impressions, click through rate percentage, and the average position of each keyword.

Additionally, Google Search Console identifies technical errors that will affect your SEO efforts such as

  • Manual actions and web spam indicated by Google
  • Crawl errors, server errors, and 404-page errors
  • Security issues that warn visitors that your website has been compromised

SEO Tool #2: Google Analytics

Google Analytics Best SEO Tools to Grow your Business Online

Google Analytics is also a free SEO tool. Users need to have a beginner’s level of understanding of SEO before utilizing Google Analytics. To get access to the tool, you must have a Google account, and have claimed your website within the platform as the owner.

Google Analytics provides a tracking script to install on every page of your website in order to properly track visitor’s data. Within the tool, Segments can be created to view data in categories such as- all SEO traffic,organic traffic, Google organic traffic only, or Bing organic traffic only, and so on.

The tool is an excellent data management interface that collects and categorized visitor data to help you understand user activities. In-depth reports can be aggregated to reflect real-time statistics and help you identify winning content and keywords. It is a great tool to use in conjunction with additional keyword research tools which we are going to talk about next.

SEO Tool #3. SEMRush

SEMRush Best SEO Tools to Grow your Business Online

SEMRush is one of our personal favorite tools. It is the tool we use and recommend to our clients. Its comprehensive keyword research features help you to optimize content for the win. It uncovers phrase-matching and related keywords as well as valuable long-tail keywords (keywords that are made up of 3 or more words) to improve organic search rankings.

Use the tool to find less competitive keywords to rank for, and keep track of your progress with analytics reports. SEMRush allows users to run periodic SEO audits to monitor your website’s health and address issues needing to be fixed so you can better optimize overall website performance.

Its strong competitor research feature tells you what keywords your competitions are using to rank organically. You can track their progress by looking into competitor domain position changes and discover their backlinks. You can even dig into the details more by understanding competitor’s referring domain’s authority.

Keyword Tool


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  • Finds the right keywords for both SEO and SEM campaigns

  • Provides phrase match keywords and related keywords for expanded opportunities

  • Tracks keyword rankings on a daily basis

7-Day Free Trial

SEO Tool #4. SearchMetrics

SearchMetrics Best SEO Tools to Grow your Business Online

SearchMetrics is a powerful tool for keyword research, content analysis and SEO recommendations for content optimization. It is the online marketing tool of choice for many enterprise users. It provides SEO visibility score to show how well the overall SEO campaign is performing over a period of time. In addition, it revealing new keyword and content opportunities to attract more visitors.

SearchMetrics’s comprehensive interface is extremely efficient in keywords performance tracking. It gives you real-time updates on keywords that are gaining and losing positions. Best of all, it keeps you in the loop of competitor activities through its competitor research portal, and it helps you gain insights to the links your website is missing out on.

SEO Tool #5. WordTracker

WordTracker Best SEO Tools to Grow your Business Online

SEO Tool #6. Ahrefs

AHrefs Best SEO Tools to Grow your Business Online

Ahref is a comprehensive backlink checker that indexes of all the links pointing to your website and analyzes the potential impact each link has on your SEO campaigns. It identifies links which can help to enhance your website’s performance. Furthermore, it discovers and excludes low-quality links that may be hurting your website’s rankings.

Ahref also provides a handy Content Explorer, which strengthens your overall content strategy. It tells you what content is doing well and is receiving the most backlinks as well as shares. Therefore, you can keep an eye out for the competition and plan out better content strategies accordingly.