Google RankBrain is one of Google’s milestone algorithm releases. According to Bloomberg and Search Engine Land’s conversations with Google, RankBrain is the third most important ranking factor followed by content and link building. It is the pioneering way of making online search more intuitive towards improving user experience.

What is Google RankBrain?

Google RankBrain is the latest search algorithm incorporating artificial intelligence. It is basically a machine that can self-learn things in order to deliver a better user experience of online search. Google is building this system for the purpose of making connections between search queries and the true user intent behind them.

3 Ways to Improve Search Ranking with Google RankBrain

1. Create User Experience Focused Content

No matter what algorithm Google spins out next, you cannot go wrong with quality content. In fact, content should be the component you spend a good amount of effort in.

As Google mentioned to Search Engine Land, content is still the biggest factor influencing search ranking. Why is that? Because helping users to find relevant and useful content is the core focus behind the creation of Google search, to begin with.

UX or User Experience focused content is content that fulfills a user’s purpose of the search. It should provide users with information that answer their questions or resolve their problems. Follow our guide to effective SEO content strategies to gain visitor engagement and improve keyword search rankings.

2. Mind the Audience’s Language in Search

An important component of SEO content optimization is keyword research. So, does this mean that the birth of Google RankBrain affects the way we do keyword research? In our opinion, RankBrain enhances the way keyword research is done because it is an extension of the traditional keyword research. It makes keyword research more intuitive for the users.

We feel that in order to learn how RankBrain thinks and interprets user intent, a great way is to understand what end users are using to search for your content. Pay attention to your Google Analytics reports and variant keywords within Google Search Console. Look for connections between the keywords used during search and the content that the visitor viewed. RankBrain can open up new opportunities for your content to rank in search results.

3. Tailor Content to Different Marketing Personas

Marketing personas are fictional representations of your current customers on how they behave with your products or services. How does marketing persona help with RankBrain? When we understand how a group of like-minded customers interact with our product or services, you can create content to meet the needs of each persona group.

For example, if a marketing persona for a customer group is always thinking about low pricing or small budgets, the content should contain headlines with keywords like low cost or for start-ups. By satisfying the needs of each marketing persona group, you are delivering the best user experience and helping Google RankBrain match search queries related to your persona targeted content.

Improving SEO with Google Algorithms

To date, Google has more than 200 known algorithms towards refining search. How Google determines ranking really depends on the overall performance of your website components and how well visitors interact with them.

We should not be overlooking any ranking signals at this point, but rather work them into our SEO strategies and continue to perfect it. The bottom line is to make a website for users, not for search engines, and both Google and your visitors will appreciate it.