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Google Algorithm Updates Explained

Today, Google is no doubt the giant in the commercial search engine market. According to Read More

How to Improve Search Ranking with Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain is one of Google’s milestone algorithm releases. According to Read More

Google Pigeon - How Google’s Local Ranking Algorithm Impacts Your Business

Welcome to the Google SEO "zoo", where the infamous animals of the Google algorithm reside. The Pigeon algorithm update was first introduced on Ju ...

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5 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Website Page Speed for Better SEO and User Experience

Website page speed means how fast elements on your webpages load. Page elements can include everything from images, text, to the backend coding. W ...

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5 Tips to Avoid Being Penalized by Google Penguin

We are going to talk about the Google Penguin algorithm update in all of its glory. The birdy was first introduced to the triple w world in April ...

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How to Improve Website Traffic with SEO Keyword Research

Today, keyword research holds a different value than it did years ago. Ever since the launch of Google algorithms Read More

10 SEO Self-Assessments to Avoid Google Panda Update Penalty

We are long beyond the days of online marketing with simple Meta tags for SEO optimization. Successful Google page ranking depends on an overall w ...

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HTTP vs. HTTPS - How Making Your Website Secure Helps with Ranking on Google

On August 6th, 2014 Google released a "minor" update to tell all webmasters to update their website with better security. By changing your website ...

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How Google Hummingbird Update Affects Website Ranking

In an ever changing digital world, old technologies quickly become obsolete. As the online marketing world becomes increasingly sophisticated and ...

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Top 7 Most Asked Questions about Mobile SEO 101 Answered

May 12th, 2016, Google rolled out their latest ranking-signal boost for mobile-friendly websites. This is the second update since the memo was fir ...

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