6 Fundamentals of Link Building Strategies for SEO Success

One of Google’s algorithms to determine website ranking is to look at a website’s earned, authoritative backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinked keywords from other websites pointing back to yours.

Securing authoritative backlink means your content has significant value that can set, reflect, or influence industry trend.

Search Engines and Link Building

Let’s talk about how Google makes selection of what they consider as quality links.

First of all, the selection process begins with webpage indexing. Google sends out spider bots to constantly crawl the web. New webpages are regularly being discovered and ranked based on their relevancy to searched keywords.

Next, Google determines the worthiness of your webpage with two important factors:

  • Quality content
  • Quality backlinks

They should be your website’s core focus in terms of how to create natural links. You will need a game plan to carry out a successful link building campaign. We will cover this in a little bit.

Why is Link Building Important for SEO?

If other webmasters authenticate or acknowledge your content with a backlink, then congratulations, you’ve gained an authority boost within Google.

As a result, your targeted keywords on these webpages can rank higher in organic search queries.

Sounds simple, right? Yet, link building is one of the most time-consuming, key tasks to master in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Don’t panic. With proper planning and the right approach, link building can effectively boost your website’s keyword ranking over time.

Fundamentals of Link Building Strategies

Before you start the master plan of web domination, the first step is to evaluate your website for a solid foundation. Optimized, strong content sets the groundwork for any successful link building game plan.

In a perfect world, when you have great content, backlinks naturally happen. In the real world, you need the right strategies to get noticed. As your website and content gain more authority over time, backlinks will come more naturally.

1. Build a Solid Foundation – Plan Feasible Content Strategy

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of content optimization and how it builds the foundation of all things online marketing. Likewise, effective link building is achieved on the basis of having quality content.

Think of it this way, when you recommend someone, you are also putting your own reputation on the line correct? So when you ask someone for a backlink, it is only reasonable to have the expectation that your website has reputable, authentic, and valuable information to contribute.

To start your content strategy planning for link building, you should first understand what works best for your website. It can be very different for every industry.

Should there be more visuals? Do you need better show-and-tell videos? Perhaps include more in-depth updates? You need to determine what works specifically for your business.

3 ways to Customized Content Strategy for Your Business:

  • Research and analyze content that is well-received by your audience. Work to refine, improve and incorporate them into your new content strategy.
  • Align marketing goals with content planning. It’s a good idea to keep a content calendar with agendas and topics you want to cover for future content plotting.
  • Investigate the competition and learn about your strength and weakness. Make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Ultimately, the best way to approach content strategy is to tell your own story. Inject your brand’s personality, mission, and beliefs into marketing pieces. When other professionals perceive you as an expert, referrals and links will come naturally.

2. Establish Internal Links – Create a Crawl-friendly Website Architecture

Internal links are like bonus brownie points. Adding internal links in content and navigation will give your keyword rankings a boost. Best of all they are easy to do and are free. Internal links are those that will direct users to the other webpages within your own website.

For example, let’s say your candy store’s home page contains three links that are also your targeted keywords: "Belgium Dark Chocolate", "Soft Star Candy" and "Hand Made Marshmallow". When visitors land on the home page, they will likely click on these links. If you have done an excellent job driving traffic to your home page, these three internally-linked keywords can potentially help you gain three additional page views from each visitor. Isn’t that sweet?

Building internal links are essential to establishing website architecture. When Google sends bots to crawl and index your website, there should be a clear path that directs the bot to eventually find every page of this website.

A proper link path should start with your website’s main navigation links and leads down to every webpage that exists. Imagine a pyramid that starts out from the top (which is your main navigation) and then extends coverage to the rest of the website.

3. Network and Outreach – Smart Link Building with Contribution

Earn backlinks by proactively participate in online community conversations. It works well whether your business is B2B or B2C.

These online communities are legitimate and reputable websites, forums, or social media groups that hold significance in your industry.

In these spaces, consumers or other business professionals hold discussions or ask questions about topics you have expertise in. Mention your website in the signature for a backlink referral. It is a great way to put your name out there by helping others.

3 examples of Quality Online Communities

  • Open communication platforms of event hosts, chambers or boards.
  • Forums or discussion boards hosted by business professionals or influencers in the industry.
  • LinkedIn and Facebook groups where other participants also contribute quality information.

Watch out for spam websites. Avoid spaces where there is an excessive amount of random advertisements, irrelevant comments, or low-quality content.

4. Optimize for Conversion – Anchor Text and SEO Keyword Research

Anchor texts are usually keywords that are links pointing to internal or external webpages. A strategic distribution of anchor text and keywords can improve content optimization and page ranking.

The goal is to naturally incorporate keywords people are using to look up your business into content. However, be very aware not to over stuff content with anchor text or keyword links. It can backfire and hurt your ranking.

In addition, pay attention to Google algorithm updates, and don’t fall into SEO fad traps. If you are caught doing shady SEO tactics, you will be penalized by Google Panda and Penguin. Your entire website can potentially lose ranking and credibility.

So how do you find the most profitable keywords? There are many great SEO Keyword Research tools out there to get the job done. In fact, some of the best tools out there are completely free.

2 Best FREE keyword research tools for link building:

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5. Adequate Landing Page Support – Close the Deal with Quality Content

A landing page is what visitors see when they click on a URL associated with that particular page. Adequate landing page support ties closely into content optimization and proper keyword research strategy.

Google determines the quality of links with the quality of content being hosted on the landing page. If you want to gain valuable links, make sure what you put on the website is engaging and credible information. When content provokes interest, successful link building will naturally follow.

Now, let’s take a moment to evaluate your landing page.

5 Questions to Self-access Adequacy of Landing Page Support

  • Do you have original, interesting and informative content?
  • Do you have keyword-optimized content on the landing page?
  • Do the landing pages have enough relevant supporting materials such as the actual offer, call-to-actions, and relevant visuals?
  • Do the landing pages support the marketing campaign goals you have?
  • Are there any broken links needing replacement?

If your answers are mostly "No", then it’s time to go back to the drawing board and work on a better landing page with feasible content strategies.

6. Get the Word Out with Social Media – Link Building with Social Campaigns

One of the most effective routes to naturally build links is through social media. It is the perfect channel to harvest fan engagements and direct more visitors to your website. Social media is the perfect vehicle to broadcast content on your website to the public while quickly generating interest. Link building effort can greatly accelerate when pairing with the right social media strategies.

2 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Link Building with Social Media

  • Regularly create social posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to share content from your website. Associate content with relatable topics for the readers, and focus on relationship-building.
  • Expose new marketing content to industry thought leaders, bloggers, and influencers. Participate in their conversations and invite them to join yours. You can earn more links over time as you gain more reputation through networking.

Link Building to SEO Success

The goal here is to build natural links that will last. If you consistently focus on the quality of content being produced, you are already heading towards the right track. Learn more about the best link building strategies to gain SEO ranking.

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