Google Pigeon - How Google’s Local Ranking Algorithm Impacts Your Business

Welcome to the Google SEO "zoo", where the infamous animals of the Google algorithm reside. The Pigeon algorithm update was first introduced on July 24, 2014. Ever since its inception local search queries have forever changed.

What is Google Pigeon Update?

In the SEO world, Pigeon is an algorithm update that targets local search queries around Google search results and Google Maps. What this update brings is an overall change in the ranking of local search results based on the geolocation of each search query.

The most apparent impact we can observe is the change in ranking of local businesses in individualized searches.

Example of Pigeon Algorithm at Work

Ice cream sounds good right now, so let us search this example in Google. Now, because we are located in Irvine, California, Google will automatically assume that I want ice cream located near my city.

If you are an ice cream business with a physical address in Irvine, California, you have two places to rank for in search results to capture this potential customer.

  1. Google organic search listing: This is the natural search query listing you would normally see in google.
  2. Google 3 pack listing: Search results in 3 packs are displayed with image-rich information that includes business location, contact information, photos, and ratings. We will explain it further in the next section.

How Google Pigeon Update Benefits Your Local Business

  1. Google Pigeon connects web and map based search to make search results more relevant to location base questions. Depending on the location-based query, your website has the opportunity to appear in map results, local 3 pack listings, and organic search listings.
  2. Google’s Pigeon algorithm update is changing the way local search is realized. While traditional SEO still applies to your website, local SEO further improves ranking with geographic location based search results. Taking advantage of Pigeon updates can significantly improve local search ranking with many small, local businesses.

Get Ready for Algorithm Updates

Good content and link building practices should always be amongst your top priorities for SEO efforts. SEO done in the right way without shortcuts will strengthen your website’s ranking no matter what animal Google rolls out next.

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