Congratulations! Getting a domain name is the first step to starting your own website. After days of brainstorming and a few sleepless nights, you’ve finally come up with a perfect name for the upcoming million-dollar website.

This is super exciting! You have to snatch up the name ASAP before anyone else gets to it. So you find the nearest computer and typed into Google “domain name registration”. Then click on the first link you see and pull out your credit card… WAIT!

Before you go any further, let’s step on the brakes. Registering a domain name may only take you no more than a few minutes, but knowing the right way to register a domain can save you from regrets and wasted money. Because naming a website is like naming a baby. A good name goes a long way.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is arranged by hierarchy from right to left. It consists of the following components (right to left):

• A top level domain name (.com, .net, .co) separated by a “.” (period)
• A mid-level domain name (usually your website’s name)
• A sub-domain prefix “www.” which stands for the World Wide Web

For example, or

Domain names are used to point to an IP (Internet Protocol) address associated with a certain website. Since an IP address is a string of numeric numbers, it is inconvenient for people to remember. So domain names are in place to refer to these IP addresses. Therefore, people can easily find the website they are looking for.

How to Register a Domain Name

You can buy domain names from any domain and hosting provider. Many of them offer enticing rate and packages. However, not all domain registration services are created equal. We will talk about a few important things you should know before buying a domain.

Before that, just for example purposes, we will first show you how a domain registration is done. We will use our hosting provider SiteGround as an example. Note SiteGround provides one free domain name if you choose any of its web hosting services.

domain name not available

Start the domain search in SiteGround by selecting a hosting plan. In this example, we’ve selected the beginner plan “StartUp”. Typing in the name you have in mind, and check for the domain availability. If the domain you want is already taken, try again with a different variation or a different top level domain name.

How to Register a Domain Name